The pursuit of awesomeness

I am currently going through this annoying process of looking for a job. And wherever I go, I encounter awesomeness. Wherever I look, I find success. I am literally surrounded by people with prosperous careers. Everybody around is either highly qualified expert or a high level manager. Or both.

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Is happiness culturally conditionned?

We live in a world of pursuing goals. While attending school, we aim at having better grades. (OK, sometimes it is our parents who aim at us having better grades…) We do math exercises and read classical poems with the perspective that  this will lead to better half-year results. It is worth it!

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On the other side of the mirror

While travelling, usually it is you who is looking for the adventure. You are the one who visit new places. You are the one wants to meet new people. You are the one who is curious of the unknown culture. Whatever your travel is about, you are the one who makes an effort.

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